Behavioral biometrics & FIDO: Privacy by Design

Passwords have been an effective user authentication method for years. They’re familiar, convenient and, too often, easy to crack. To our disadvantage, we’ve become so reliant on passwords that we’re apprehensive to explore new vectors of protection, even at a … Continue Reading

Decentralized AI and DApps

The cryptocurrency frenzy that began earlier this year has drawn much attention to blockchain technology and its decentralized structure. As demonstrated by breaches from MyHeritage to Saks and Lord & Taylor in the first six months of 2018, unsecure centralized … Continue Reading

On-device AI through Bayesian Learning

On-device AI through Bayesian Learning

On-device is the new mantra in AI. Due to the explosive growth of mobile phones and other personal devices it has become necessary to deploy AI agents on small devices to provide better user experiences and protect sensitive personal data. … Continue Reading

Apple’s FaceID: Get ready for ‘big data’ to get even bigger

Organizations use big data analytics to monitor the behavior of a consumer, or potential consumer. Insurance agencies can benefit from such data to assess everything from driving behavior or home settings to reduce in-home risks, to health risks based on … Continue Reading

N-dimensional Authentication Takes Behavioral Biometrics to New Levels

  With mobile fraud on the rise and the cyber world becoming a dangerous place for the uninitiated to wander around in, businesses relying on ecommerce and virtual transactions have a responsibility to ensure their less experienced customers are adequately protected. Traditional … Continue Reading

Driving Security for the New Age with AI-Powered Voice Biometrics

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be everywhere, or it would be soon. The age of machine learning is upon us, and few active technology users haven’t yet tried their luck with Siri or Alexa, or tested out another brand … Continue Reading