Protecting digital identities against attacks requires Zero Trust powered by AI-based behavioural models


Protect user and workforce identities

By combining available sensory data from users and devices, our Continuous MFA solution eliminates passwords and secures identities.

Behavioral Biometrics


The way a user interacts, clicks, swipes and taps devices and applications creates a digital signature that’s as unique as their individuality.

Adaptive Intelligence


​Our solutions use a combination of soft and hard biometric factors that are unique to the user, creating a passwordless experience.

FIDO Certified


Our advanced machine learning algorithms dynamically adapt and execute locally on sensor based devices, protecting user privacy.

Continuous Authentication

Zighra is a security solution that combines the power of AI, behavioral biometrics, sensor analytics and environmental intelligence to reduce or eliminate the need for passwords.

With Zighra, you know exactly when you are interacting with your user and when you are not, down to the very second and help secure the organization and users against remote attacks, phishing attacks, and other credential threat vectors. Businesses can eliminate credentials-based vulnerabilities and keep users secure and productive, wherever they work.



Key Features

Zighra’s unique, defense-grade and patented technologies deliver continuous authentication for users.

Task-based Authentication

Users are asked to perform a specific action as an authenticator to determine whether the user or a bot is trying to use the device, such as holding the phone and swiping across the screen.

Security Intelligence

From the unique way the user types, swipes and taps, to the hand they prefer to hold their device in, Zighra builds a unique, real-time behavioral model for the user.

Transaction Risk Assessment

Zighra uses the power of machine learning and behavioral biometrics to ensure the identity of the user on the device to assess transaction risk.

Proof of Presence

Zighra combines the strength of AI, behavioral biometrics, sensor analytics and network intelligence to actively authenticate the identity of the on-device user.

User-Device Fingerprinting

Zighra uses rich sensor and contextual information to quickly and reliably identify the device involved in the transaction.


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