Continuous identity proofing for the sensor age.

Combining insights from generative behavior models and biological systems, the Zighra platform trains faster, dynamically adapts, and accelerates threat detection compared to standard AI approaches used today.

SensifyID provides a suite of intelligent analytics to create highly personalized models to validate the right user, device and bio-behaviors to secure transactions and accessible across mobile and sensor-based devices.


The SensifyID platform brings a new degree of confidence and privacy to securing the connected economy.

Frictionless User Experience

Enabled by proprietary algorithms

Simple Integration

Rapid time to market

Robust Confidence

360° user interactions

Key Features

Continuous, invisible security & frictionless user experience with SensifyID that creates a unique
behavioral profile with every task.

Task-based Authentication

Users are asked to perform a specific action as an authenticator to determine whether the user or a bot is trying to use the device, such as holding the phone and swiping across the screen.

Real-time Intelligence

From the unique way the user types, swipes and taps, to the hand they prefer to hold their device in, SensifyID builds a unique, real-time behavioral model for the user.

Transaction Risk Assessment

SensifyID uses the power of machine learning and behavioral biometrics to ensure the security of the user and device when making a transaction through an online POS system or mobile app.

Proof of Presence

SensifyID combines the strength of AI, behavioral biometrics, sensor analytics and network intelligence to actively authenticate the identity of the on-device user.

Sensor Fingerprinting

SensifyID uses rich sensor and contextual information to quickly and reliably identify the device involved in the transaction.


Detect anomalous behaviors to inform access decisions. See SensifyID in action.