• Adaptive Behavioral Authentication

    Implicit, Invisible, Continuous Authentication

Threat Landscape

The rapid expansion of on-demand services has led to an explosion of mobile transactions, ushering along with it well organized attack campaigns creating armies of compromised accounts to conduct fraud against banking, healthcare and commerce apps among others.

Businesses are NOW looking at ways to stay ahead of these fraudsters and fraud vectors around Account Takeover, Social Engineering and Remote Automated Attacks.

iphone with Zighra

Always know what’s happening

Zighra’s patented technology combines the power of machine learning and behavioural bio-metrics to provide continuous authentication and  fraud detection for mobile applications.


Rich Feature Set

Device Intelligence

Sensor Intelligence

Location Analytics


Biometric Analytics

Social Intelligence

Behavioral Intelligence

Simple Integration

Our simple mobile software development kit instantly plugs into existing mobile applications, and does not displace your current security and fraud detection systems..

Frictionless Experience

Implicitly authenticate mobile users by adding an invisible behavioural user authentication layer.

Watch the video

watch the video

Adaptive Behavioral Authentication
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