Implicit, Invisible, Continuous Authentication


Zighra InfographicMore than 20% of the fraud that hits commerce comes by way of mobile devices and the most common type of fraud through mobile is basically related to account takeover and automated bots. As the growth in mobile devices creates new opportunities for consumers and businesses alike, there are also new threats emerging.

Businesses are NOW scrambling for better defences specifically a low-friction identity verification and authentication solution in order to accelerate sales, fight fraud and keep their sensitive data safe.

Zighra’s vision is to make security invisible by applying neuroscience and user behaviour to security.

Convenient Security

Adaptive Behavioural Security

Zighra KineticID provides effortless, automatic, and instantaneous user recognition by adding an invisible security layer to mobile authentication. KineticID plugs into existing mobile apps and implicitly recognizes a user based on their habits and interaction patterns, by actively evaluating the user’s unique kinetic interaction signature with their mobile device, such as the way the user holds their phone By avoiding mandatory explicit mechanisms such as PINS, passwords, and other biometrics most of the time – KineticID brings the ultimate in user convenience without compromising security.

By making behavioural biometrics a part of the task that the user has to perform, KineticID securely removes the friction from mobile authentication. The user is not constrained by a specific swipe, gesture, pattern, or direction and does not require any extra hardware or explicit training. KineticID gets smarter with each user interaction.


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Improve Experience

Implicitly authenticate mobile and web users by adding a frictionless behavioural user authentication layer. By enabling continuous authentication from login to logout KineticID helps enable a seamless user experience and avoid high friction security checks and reduce false positives.

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Drive Revenue

By deploying a combination of behind the scenes authentication and continuous behavioural monitoring techniques KineticID provides true dimensional factor authentication and improved security posture by helping fight account takeover fraud and detecting automated attacks.

Simple Integration

Our simple mobile API instantly plugs into existing mobile applications, and does not displace your current security and fraud detection systems. Developers have the option of adding explicit authentication layers based on reliability scores generated by KineticID and the level of security required.


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