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    Zighra offers unique behavioral insights and continuous authentication to secure and engage users across modern applications.

Solution for protection against threats and attacks

Zighra ensures a continuous, frictionless experience for the authorized user, by creating highly personalized user models that are correlated during each transaction. Six layers of intelligence are brought together to create a 360-degree, personalized user model. This ensures that even if certain parameters change, such as location, the user still has a frictionless experience, as the other layers of intelligence will help seamlessly verify the user’s identity.
Due to the exponential growth in stolen credentials and account takeover fraud, Zighra understands the need to move beyond password protection and two-factor authentication. The Zighra platform combines proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms and sensor analytics to detect threats, thereby determining if the registered user is actually interacting with the device. When a bad actor uses genuine credentials that have been stolen, Zighra will correlate six layers of intelligence and flag the fraudulent transaction.
With social engineering attacks and app-based malware on the rise, it’s become relatively easy for fraudsters to access data and conduct transactions remotely by taking control of a user’s mobile device. Our patented technology plays at the intersection of human computer interfaces and behavioral biometrics to provide frictionless, automatic, and instantaneous user verification to detect remote attacks. By correlating the device’s cognitive signature to the stored personalized user profile, Zighra can flag remote attacks with a high degree of confidence.
Cyber criminals repeatedly bypass existing protections with a plethora of sophisticated bot attacks, including the abuse of web and mobile APIs. With its sophisticated behavioral intelligence engine, Zighra creates personalized user-device models and uses advanced algorithms to fingerprint the device’s built-in sensors. Detection programs created by behavioral and environmental intelligence help detect bot attacks in real-time.


Continuous authentication and threat detection solution providing a frictionless user experience.

Secure, Private, User Profiles

Our patented technology creates unique personalized user profiles that cannot be stolen or altered by humans or bots, by studying users’ behavior.

It distinguishes authorized users from bad actors by correlating and checking for deviations in behavior patterns, which are flagged immediately.

Behavioral Intelligence

Zighra resolves issues by using analytical support to aggregate data. A typical report consists of device scores, behavioral scored, contextual scores, alerts, and transaction data. This accelerates the problem-solving process.

Real-time Risk Breakdown

Zighra analyses a user’s activities and behavioral profile against a device. This enables detecting and stopping account takeover in real-time.

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