Zighra completes scalability testing of its Identity Proofing platform

Published: November 25th, 2018 Zighra has completed their cybersecurity project at CENGN. The infrastructure and technical support provided by the CENGN team allowed Zighra to scale-up the volume of traffic to test what their platform could handle. Running different test cases for small, medium, and very-large businesses has … Continue Reading

Behavioral biometrics & FIDO: Privacy by Design

Passwords have been an effective user authentication method for years. They’re familiar, convenient and, too often, easy to crack. To our disadvantage, we’ve become so reliant on passwords that we’re apprehensive to explore new vectors of protection, even at a … Continue Reading

Decentralized AI and DApps

The cryptocurrency frenzy that began earlier this year has drawn much attention to blockchain technology and its decentralized structure. As demonstrated by breaches from MyHeritage to Saks and Lord & Taylor in the first six months of 2018, unsecure centralized … Continue Reading

On-device AI through Bayesian Learning

On-device AI through Bayesian Learning

On-device is the new mantra in AI. Due to the explosive growth of mobile phones and other personal devices it has become necessary to deploy AI agents on small devices to provide better user experiences and protect sensitive personal data. … Continue Reading

AI-Powered Authentication with Zighra

By One World Identity, February 27, 2018 Publised in www.oneworldidentity.com Zighra founder and CEO Deepak Dutt joins host Cameron D’Ambrosi to discuss how artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are revolutionizing authentication, the power of behavioral biometrics, and why so … Continue Reading

Anomaly Detection through Reinforcement Learning

Anomaly Detection through Reinforcement Learning

As Artificial Intelligence is becoming a mainstream and easily available commercial technology, both organizations and criminals are trying to take full advantage of it. In particular, there are predictions by cyber security experts that going forward, the world will witness … Continue Reading

Biometrics and AI-Powered Continuous Verification

By FS INSIDER, January 17, 2018 Publised in www.financialsense.com FS Insider speaks with Deepak Dutt, CEO of Zighra, on their AI-powered continuous authentication and threat detection platform that tracks over 900 human and environmental traits to create a digital fingerprint … Continue Reading

How close are we to merging AI and blockchain?

In a digital environment where most data is siloed, there is no real incentive to share it. As a result, corporations are hoarding tons of consumer data (i.e. Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Baidu). Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) platforms help to concentrate … Continue Reading

2018: the year of the AI-powered cyberattack

By Deepak Dutt, Contributor, CSO, Jan 10 2018 7:41 PT Published in www.csoonline.com 2018 will not only be a worse year for data breaches, but the year when we start to see more and more cyberattacks powered by artificial intelligence, … Continue Reading

Why you want blockchain-based AI, even if you don’t know it yet

By JEREMY EPSTEIN, JANUARY 3, 2018 Published in www.neverstopmarketing.com TL;DR: the blockchain-based AI stack offers the possibility for increased security and more rapid innovation.  Recently, my nine-year-old daughter (who is, of course, the most tech-savvy person in the house), introduced … Continue Reading