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Our Mission & Vision

Zighra was founded in 2009 by security technologists who saw major trends on a convergence course. Mobile payments, sensor technology, machine learning and security have transformed how people live, work, play, and conduct financial transactions – but businesses have not adapted.

Today, businesses still struggle to provide optimal security experiences thanks to the continuing rise in complexity of apps and the requirement to deliver them to smaller and slower devices. This mismatch led the founders to create the vision for the invisible security experiences and to develop Zighra’s fraud detection platform to support it.

Zighra’s mission is to help accelerate online businesses and close the fraud gap between consumers and businesses. We aim to apply the intelligence of biological systems to security to deliver continuous authentication to mobile transactions, with a convenient end user experience, and swipe-and-go simplicity.

Our People & Culture

The team at Zighra is drawn to world-changing technology. Our people thrive from seeing our customers’ success grow in real time and building technology to accelerate that growth. At the core of what drives us is one simple phrase, “Frictionless Customer Experience”. This singular focus is more than a mantra – putting the customer first is evident in the products we build, the support we provide, and the way we sell. Our technology is cutting edge, novel, patented, award-winning, but from our perspective, none of that matters if we’re not helping our customers securely accelerate their businesses with real, tangible gains.

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Our Story

2009: A group of security technologists, frustrated with credit card false positive declines, wanted to change transaction authentication and founded Zighra

Nov 2012, Singapore: Launched ZfraudShield at FinovateAsia

February 2013: First regional office in the Middle East 

June 2013, New York, New York: Innotribe by SWIFT

September 2013, New York, New York: Launched KineticID at FinovateFall NY

December 2013, Sao Paulo, Brazil: Selected top Canadian company in Brazil

Janurary 2014, Sunnyvale, CA, USA: Opened Silicon Valley Office

March 2014, Barcelona, Spain: Mobile World Congress Showcase

February 2015: Joins the FIDO Alliance to accelerate the state of biometric authentication

May 2015, Sunnyvale, CA, USA: Launched biometric secure key for FIDO

KineticID powers users in over 70 countries and over 700 device types …