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    AI-Powered Continuous Authentication & Threat Detection

About Zighra

Zighra offers an AI-powered continuous authentication and threat detection platform. Providing a suite of intelligent analytics to create highly personalized models to authenticate the user in a transaction, Zighra’s solution is accessible across web, mobile and sensor-based devices. Zighra’s patented, light-weight technology tracks over 900 human and environmental traits including device, network, social, location, behavioral and biometric intelligence, as well as human-machine and machine-machine interactions.

The flagship product, SensifyID, combines insights from generative behavior models and biological systems to train faster, dynamically adapt, and accelerate threat detection compared to AI approaches commonly used today.

Our Mission & Vision

Each of your customers is a unique human being. You know that, and Zighra knows how to prove that. Powered by AI, Zighra’s patented platform, SensifyID, delivers rapid real-time behavioral intelligence, anomaly detection and powerful security controls to continuously verify the identity of the customer, without the slightest disruption to user experience. With SensifyID, you know exactly when you are interacting with your customer and when you are not, down to the very second.

Meet Our Team

Deepak Dutt


Deepak is a seasoned technology entrepreneur and data security expert. Former CEO/CTO of Intsyx, he then spent over a decade as a Security Scientist at Nortel and Newbridge Networks. Deepak has authored over 15 patent applications, and is a recipient of Ottawa Business Journal and Ottawa Chamber of Commerce’s Top 40 Under 40 Award.

Hari M. Koduvely, PhD

Chief Data Scientist

Hari is a well-respected expert in AI, fraud detection and cybersecurity, with over 20 years of experience with some of the world’s largest companies. He’s a former Principal Data Scientist at Samsung and Senior Risk Analyst at Amazon, and has held senior data science positions in Unilever and at the Unique Identity Authority of India, the world’s largest biometric implementation, covering 1.2 billion people.

Sameer Salahudeen

VP Engineering

Sameer has over 15 years of expertise in architecting and developing payment systems, and delivering complex software solutions. Formerly CTO/Co-founder of Optiologic.

MJ Couldridge

VP Sales & Partnerships

An experienced executive, Mary Jane (MJ) led Sales Strategy and Alliances at IBM as Global Director of Workplace & Mobility Services. More recently, she has been working with early stage cybersecurity companies.

Deepti Dutt

Chief Platform Officer

Deepti has over 12 years of expertise in architecting and developing data analytics systems, delivering complex software solutions. Former CPO of InLearning Labs, she then spent several years as a Data Scientist in CTO office of Nortel. Deepti holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Ottawa-Carleton.

Detect anomalous behaviors to inform access decisions. See SensifyID in action.