A Game Changer

Ottawa, Canada – March 16th, 2017 – Zighra, the pioneers in the mobile behavioral biometrics space was awarded a patent for its AI driven adaptive continuous authentication engine.

The patent for invention number 9619852 leverages data from accelerometers, gyroscopes and other sensors available on smart devices based on user inputs including voice, touch screens tap and swipes, and walking among others to provide

“ The Company’s IP portfolio was boosted by its recently granted patent entitled context-dependent authentication system, method and device, which covers technologies such as AI, Sensor analytics, and behavioural biometrics to provide continuous adaptive authentication capabilities for the world of sensors – including mobile, wearables, and IoT devices. “ said Deepak Dutt, CEO of Zighra. “ It opens the door for more secure and frictionless user authentication for everyone,” he said. The patent further covers the Zighra technology to step up authentication with real-time communications to authenticate online commerce transactions.

The patent comes just a few months after the company successfully closed its latest funding round. Zighra is a 2016 graduate of Barclays TechStar incubator and is working with leading financial institutions across Canada, USA, and the UK. This patent solidifies the company’s position as the leader in mobile behavioural biometrics

“Today’s marketplace is growing increasingly competitive with the introduction of new sensor based technologies almost daily, and the most successful businesses will be those who leverage their intellectual property to give customers the assurances they are looking for when buying technology based products and services,” said Mr. Dutt. “Zighra has various patent granted and pending covering our technology, and we are anticipating increasing market growth as sensors penetrate point-of-sale devices, ATMs, connected cars, and smart homes,” he said.

About Zighra:

Zighra’s solutions provides effortless, automatic, and instantaneous user recognition by adding an invisible biometric layer to mobile and IoT authentication. We aim to apply the intelligence of biological systems to security to deliver continuous authentication and fraud detection with swipe-and-go simplicity. Zighra’s flagship product KineticID powers users in over 70 countries on over 700 smart device types.

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