Government of Canada Awards Innovation Contract to Zighra to pilot Continuous Authentication for Remote Access using Patented Next Generation AI Technology

OTTAWA, ON, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Zighra, today, announced that it was awarded a contract through which the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is to pilot its FIDO-certified continuous behavioral authentication solution. The pilot will enable employees to access mission-critical IT systems using a passwordless silent authentication solution that utilizes Zighra’s decentralized AI-powered platform.

“Zighra is excited to work with RCN on this innovative pilot, bringing passwordless access to mission-critical IT systems using continuous authentication, FIDO, and on-device artificial intelligence. This effort is not only a significant milestone for the Digital Navy initiative but also for other providers of mission-critical services whose users require secure access and authentication to applications, without distracting those users from focusing on their immediate mission during these times”, said Deepak Dutt, CEO of Zighra Inc. 

Enterprises have used passwords and static rules for decades as the means to authenticate users and grant access to mission-critical IT systems. As their places of work transformed into distributed organizations overnight, security teams urgently needed to look at new solutions that enable continuous protection of systems and users against increased cyber threats.

RCN aims to transform its approach to identity and authentication by providing users with passwordless authentication using next-generation cognitive capabilities on mobile devices. RCN sees a strong advantage in Zighra’s N-Dimensional approach over traditional approaches and plans to leverage Zighra’s foundational patents in continuous authentication, biometrics, and decentralized identification technologies to demonstrate usage of FIDO-anchored (Fast Identity Online) device attestation and continuous multifactor authentication capabilities for this pilot.

Participants in the RCN pilot will be able to log onto their IT systems and access information, leveraging behavioral intelligence to attest the identity of the mobile device, and use a combination of soft and hard biometric factors that are unique to the user to continuously attest to the user’s identity, with reduced interruption and without the need for complex passwords.

Zighra’s solution utilizes advanced behavioral intelligence, machine learning, edge computing capabilities, and analytics along with the secure execution environment of the mobile device and operates continuously and transparently to the user. Through this pilot, RCN is leading the way by showcasing how intelligent identity solutions can bring transformative silent user experiences to critical IT systems.

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About Zighra

Zighra provides the identity infrastructure for modern applications. It is the first FIDO-Certified continuous behavioural authentication platform. Our fast, efficient, and accurate user-device AI models learn on-device maintaining user privacy. With Zighra, users and devices are continuously verified and protected, creating a secure identity architecture for organizations.

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