Merging AI and blockchain – has the time come?

In a digital environment where most data is siloed, there is no real incentive to share it. As a result, corporations are hoarding tons of consumer data (i.e. Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Baidu). Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) platforms help to concentrate … Continue Reading

Zighra Expands its Pioneering Patent Platform Highlighting Continued Leadership in Mobile Behavioral Biometrics.

Patent portfolio cited over 100 times by tech giants acknowledge the importance of Zighra’s foundational innovations. July 7th, 2021 Today Zighra, the leading solution for continuous behavioral authentication, expanded the company’s pioneering technical leadership. The United States Patent and Trademark … Continue Reading

Zighra is the first FIDO certified behavioral authentication solution

Continuous behavioral authentication solution built from the ground up for FIDO compliance. OTTAWA, Ontario, May 4, 2021 — Zighra, the leading solution for decentralized AI-powered continuous authentication, announced today that its mobile behavioral authenticator has been certified by the FIDO (Fast … Continue Reading

Decentralized AI and Privacy

Decentralized AI and Privacy

A couple years ago, the personal information of 31 million Android users was exposed thanks to a popular keyboard app. The app, AI.type, stored this data on a server owned by the company’s co-founder, rather than on a secure server. The information … Continue Reading

Zighra Receives Patent for Continuous Behavioral Biometrics to Enable Passwordless Authentication

User behaviour patterns can provide the best key for securing devices like smartphones, but not if our data is still collected on centralized servers. Your smartphone senses your every move. Today’s smartphones contain accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS, touchscreen, cameras and other … Continue Reading

Decentralized AI through Bayesian Learning

Decentralization is the new mantra in AI. Due to the explosive growth of mobile phones and other personal devices it has become necessary to deploy AI agents on small devices to provide better user experiences and protect sensitive personal data. … Continue Reading

Behavioral biometrics & FIDO: Laying the foundation for a password-less future?

Passwords have been an effective user authentication method for years. They’re familiar, convenient and, too often, easy to crack. To our disadvantage, we’ve become so reliant on passwords that we’re apprehensive to explore new vectors of protection, even at a … Continue Reading

Centralization Puts Our Data at Risk. Can Decentralization Protect Us?

The prevalence of major data breaches has led to a surge in account takeover attacks, where fraudsters used illegally obtained information to break into bank accounts and more. A study by Javelin Strategy & Research shows that account takeover losses … Continue Reading

The Need for Decentralized AI

Late last year, the personal information of 31 million Android users was exposed thanks to a popular keyboard app. The app, AI.type, stored this data on a server owned by the company’s co-founder, rather than on a secure server. The … Continue Reading

AI-powered Cyberattacks On The Rise?

AI-powered Cyberattacks On The Rise?

Modern AI-powered tools may be less terrifying than clichéd Terminator visions, but in the hands of the wrong individuals, they can still be pretty scary. Deepak Dutt, founder and CEO of Zighra, a cybersecurity startup, says there’s a high likelihood … Continue Reading