Webinar – Increasing GoC digital security through Passwordless Continuous Biometric identity validation & verification

Join our guest speakers, Bob Gordon of the Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange (CCTX) and the architect of Canada’s first Cyber Security Strategy, together with Deepak Dutt, Zighra’s Founder and CEO. The presentation is designed to provide the operational context for passwordless platforms.  

Zighra is actively working with the Government of Canada (GoC). The company has completed a test with Shared Services Canada (SSC) to explore how best to integrate with the GoC enterprise architecture and IT systems. Zighra is also working with the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) to enable federal employees and Canadian Armed Forces personnel to access mission-critical IT systems using Zighra’s passwordless continuous multi-factor authentication solution.

For a further description of this special online presentation, please consult the attached brochure. To register, please send your contact information to rsvp@samuel.associates by Tuesday, November 2, 5:00 PM. 


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