Zighra Releases Flagship Product: SensifyID

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Patented solution offers the most comprehensive AI-powered authentication and threat detection available to date

Ottawa, Canada, October 17, 2017Zighra, the AI-powered continuous authentication and threat detection company, announces the launch of SensifyID – the first patented solution that delivers a 360 – degree view of user interactions and continuous proof of identity, preserving the privacy and security of the end consumer. This is the first patented solution to run advanced machine learning and behavioral authentication algorithms entirely on-device.

Zighra’s SensifyID delivers rapid real-time behavioral intelligence and powerful security controls to ascertain user identity, without the slightest disruption to user experience. The platform proactively gathers device, behavioral, and environmental intelligence to build high fidelity, on-device behavioral models that enable continuous proof of presence and powerful analytics to authenticate a user’s identity. Any deviation is flagged immediately. Key features include:

  • Transaction risk assessment: SensifyID uses the power of machine learning and behavioral biometrics to ensure the security of the user and device when making a transaction through an online POS system or mobile app.
  • Proof of presence: SensifyID combines the strength of AI, behavioral biometrics, sensor analytics and network intelligence to actively authenticate the identity of the on-device user.
  • Real-time intelligence: From the unique way the user types, swipes and taps, to the hand they prefer to hold their device in, SensifyID builds a unique, real-time behavioral model for the user.
  • Sensor fingerprinting: SensifyID uses rich sensor and contextual information to quickly and reliably identify the device involved in the transaction.
  • Task-based authentication: Users are asked to perform a specific action as an authenticator to determine whether the user or a bot is trying to use the device, such as holding the phone and swiping across the screen.

“The rise of mobile transactions and on-demand services have opened the door for well-organized, ill – intentioned actors to compromise accounts and commit fraudulent transactions across apps in banking, commerce and other industries,” says Deepak Dutt, CEO of Zighra. “By adding SensifyID to our suite of AI-powered analytics, we are taking behavioral authentication to the next level by creating a unique, personalized cognitive profile that cannot be stolen or altered by humans or bots. Businesses that use Zighra’s SensifyID will know exactly when they are interacting with a human customer and when they are not, down to the very second.”

SensifyID is built on Zighra’s proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, which quickly learn from the user and continue learning in just 15 interactions. Compared to traditional AI algorithms that take thousands of interactions to learn and months of training, this technology is a significant step forward for mobile and other sensor-based devices that have small footprints. The solution also works in offline modes.

If you are attending Money 20/20, stop by Zighra’s booth (647) for a demonstration.


About Zighra

Zighra offers an AI-powered continuous authentication and threat detection platform. Providing a suite of intelligent analytics to create highly personalized models to authenticate the user in a transaction, Zighra’s solution is accessible across web, mobile and sensor-based devices. Zighra’s patented, light-weight technology tracks over 900 human and environmental traits including device, network, social, location, behavioral and biometric intelligence, as well as human-machine and machine-machine interactions. The flagship product, SensifyID, enables total identity defense that safeguards against account takeover, remote malware, social engineering, and bot attacks. SensifyID delivers transaction resiliency and secures and powers the connected economy.

To learn more about Zighra and our mission to be your trusted identity defense partner visit www.zighra.com.

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