Zighra Successfully Qualifies to Sell Directly to Government of Canada under Pathway to Commercialization Program

Zighra Inc., the leader in continuous authentication and identity defense, is pleased to announce that after successful completion of an Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) Testing Stream contract with the Royal Canadian Navy, Zighra has been qualified to sell its digital identity security innovation directly to the Government of Canada without further competition. Direct purchases can be up to $8 million per contract and are available to all government departments.

The government sector faces persistent attacks from threat groups working in association with adversary nation states. These attacks include collecting intelligence that risks national interests, and the safety and security of cyber systems and capabilities. To minimize the cyberthreat it is essential that government departments adopt the strongest form of Digital Identity security for the whole of the government personnel, including operators, employees, partners and contractors.

Zighra’s SilentEdge is a digital identity software solution that enables simple, secure passwordless access to both digital and physical systems, and features the world’s first patented FIDO certified behavioural biometric technology. SilentEdge supports a true zero-trust journey in a wide array of use cases, replacing legacy approaches such as access cards, one-time passcodes, and traditional MFA. Harnessing the power of sensors and advanced machine learning at the network edge, SilentEdge provides continuous multi-factor authentication (CMFA) that tightly yet easily secures identity, credentials, and dynamic, fine-grained access management (ICAM).

“We are thrilled to have been qualified to sell directly to the Government of Canada under the Pathway to Commercialization Program,” said Deepak Dutt, CEO of Zighra. “This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and we look forward to providing the government with our innovative solutions.”

With this qualification, Zighra is poised to become a key player in the government and defence sectors, providing advanced digital identity assurance solutions that are tailored to the needs of the government. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, and we look forward to working with government agencies to enhance their security and streamline their access management and digital identity capabilities.

About Zighra 
Zighra provides the identity infrastructure for modern applications and organizations adopting a NIST Zero Trust architecture. It is the first FIDO-Certified continuous behavioural authentication platform. Zighra’s fast, efficient, and accurate user-device AI models learn on-device maintaining user privacy. With Zighra, users and devices are continuously verified and protected, creating a secure identity architecture for organizations.

For more information, visit https://zighra.com or follow us @zighra on Twitter and https://www.linkedin.com/company/zighra on LinkedIn. 

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