Zighra Expands its Pioneering Patent Platform Highlighting Continued Leadership in Mobile Behavioral Biometrics.

Patent portfolio cited over 100 times by tech giants acknowledge the importance of Zighra’s foundational innovations.

July 7th, 2021

Today Zighra, the leading solution for continuous behavioral authentication, expanded the company’s pioneering technical leadership. The United States Patent and Trademark office issued today: System and method for behavioural biometric authentication using program modelling (U.S. Patent No. 11,057,413), enabling a process to eliminate passwords and continuously authenticate users on multiple applications and cloud services. The company now has 16 issued and pending patents across four patent families.

Zighra’s patent platform has now been validated by over 100 forward citations and the rejection of over 20 competing patent applications, confirming the company’s position as a leading innovator in digital identity, authentication, and online commerce fraud detection. This acknowledgement comes from patent applications by Google, Mastercard, Paypal, Square, IBM, Microsoft, Intuit, Blackberry, Intellectual Ventures, and Bank of America, among many others. Forward citations acknowledge the importance of a foundational patent in the space.

Since the start of the pandemic, credential fraud has grown exponentially. Attackers can easily install otherwise undetectable remote access trojans, gathering sensitive information and acting as the user with impunity. Zighra’s behavioral authentication continuously recognizes legitimate users, making attackers and fraudsters easy to detect and stop.

The functionality of Zighra’s patent family is currently available in it’s passwordless, FIDO-certified continuous authentication, fraud detection and developer SDK products. Unlike centralized behavioral authentication solutions, Zighra determines user identity entirely on the user’s device, with no sensor data leaving the device, protecting privacy and building user trust. Zighra’s on-device AI uniquely recognizes, verifies, and validates the real user while enabling organizations to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act and implement NIST’s Zero Trust Architecture.

Additional patents awarded to Zighra over the past several months:

  • Context-dependent authentication system, method and device (U.S. Patent No. 10,740,758), including detecting fraud in mobile commerce transactions between users and merchants leveraging behavioral analytics, sensor intelligence and crowdsourced data.

  • System and method for implicit authentication (U.S. Patent No. 10,588,017), which covers the process of training machine learning models to authenticate users on mobile devices based on behavioural intelligence including the gait of the user, login input speed, touch screen swipes, and environmental conditions to enable frictionless transactions.

“We are very proud of these inventions including how Zighra is uniquely able to perform sophisticated machine learning in real-time, at the network edge, without compromising user privacy,” said Deepak Dutt, CEO and co-founder, Zighra. “These forward patent citations strongly validate our technology relevance to major tech companies in the identity, authentication and mobile commerce fraud detection eco-system.” “At Zighra, we bring together diverse, creative minds. Our mission is to create a world where security, privacy, and ease-of-use go hand-in-hand instead of being traded-off and compromised.”

Many modern application developers, including those in high security environments — already benefit from the breadth and depth of Zighra’s offerings. To learn more about the Zighra products, please visit https://zighra.com/product/.

For more information, visit https://zighra.com or follow us @zighra on Twitter.

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